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In classical acupuncture, acu points are to found on the entire body at various locations from head to the toe. These points have been used for needle insertion since the very inception of the therapy thousands of years ago. In the year 1987, a breakthrough research by Prof. Park Jae Woo of Korea established that the human hands and the feet are replica of the entire body and exact correspondence of body acu points exist on the hands/feet. It is thus possible to practice acupuncture solely on the hands or feet instead of treating acu points located at various body parts. Prof. Park named his invention as sujok acupuncture. Sujok is a Korean word meaning hands and feet and sujok acupuncture refers to acupuncture using acu points on the hands and the feet.

Sujok acupuncture has revolutionized the practice of classical acupuncture by making the therapy very simple and yet equally effective. The principle behind the new therapy is exactly the same as that of classical acupuncture. However, the needles used in sujok acupressure are much smaller than the needles used in classical acupuncture and are inserted superficially on the palms/feet at very little depth. The sujok therapy is not only simple but also extremely convenient to apply for both the patient and the therapist.

Just as in classical acu therapy, if pressure is applied on the acu points on the hands/feet with a probe or a similar object instead of inserting needles, the therapy is known as sujok acupressure. The latter, being non invasive, is even more convenient. Sujok acupuncture/pressure, being relatively a very new therapy v/s the classical acupuncture/pressure being practiced since thousands of years, has yet to gain the level of awareness, popularity and acceptance as the latter.


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